Sunday, June 17, 2012

Orange caught my eyes


Top: Love Culture
Bandage Skirt: Soul 
Bag: Accessorize
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

In this outfit, yellow and orange are combined together. I don't really love orange ever since but now if i see orange colors i'm sort of attracted to it and i don't know why. Lucky i bought the orange and yellow necklace and it turned to fit my outfit. 
Went to Abreeza with Mom and Aunt. I was shocked when i saw many people inside Mango, they're on sale that's why. Why don't you visit Mango while they're on sale? :) Damosa was our next stop, there was a little bazaar there last June 16-17. Hope to see more bazaars in the coming months! 
That's all for this blog! Happy Father's day to all our dads! <3

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Sunday, June 3, 2012



  Top: Mags
Mullet Skirt: Solo
Bracelet: For Me
Pumps: Zanotti
Watch: Anne Klein (A gift)

There's no place like home! It's been a month since I haven't went back home. I only had 1 week to stay cos' classes will start on the 7th. I just can't imagine how time really flies so fast. I'm going to college already! I hope college life will be fun too :)
Anyways, I'm wearing pearls and a mullet skirt this Sunday! Went to church with family then we watched Snowhite and the Huntsman (things i missed doing with my family) we usually watch movie every Sunday! Lol. The movie was great! Kristen Stewart is just effortlessly beautiful! Isn't she? :) I paired my top with a knitted flowery pearl thingy. When i saw this it just caught my eyes easily! How bout you? What's your Sunday outfit? :))

PS: will extend my giveaway! be updated. somethings new coming! :)