Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiring Sunday


Ruffle top: Mango
Lace Cardigan: Mango
Leggings: Mango
Boots: Schu
Belt: Debenhams

Wore something comfy :) woke up with muscle pains because of our cheerdance practices. There was one time when i had to do the kick twist  in the air then all of sudden when i was about to be caught, the knee of one of my base was suddenly hit in my stomach. LOL! and i can't hardly breath! but that's normal :) 

So much for that, i was really inspired by the homily :) it's all about changing ourselves in a good way for us to have a very memorable life :) we should repent,change and reform :) I can still remember fathers' last words "Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa kaya?" (If not today, when would it be?) :) 

Thanks for reading guys <3 i hope you're inspired too! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

So be it

Top: Maldita
Polka Dot Skirt: Soul 
Belt: Soul

It's Sunday! Got a chance to dress up myself again. Been very busy about many things in school, as always. Well, thanks to my sister for taking my shots :) she wants to become a blogger also. LOL! she asked me many questions about this. hahaha! anyone can become a blogger naman so, why not? :) 

Anyway, lovin the skirt that i bought from Soul during the Bloggers' Soiree :) <3 see you in my next blog! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bloggers' Soiree

w/ Ate Kwesh

w/ Ms. Cheyser

w/ the owner Ms. Mimi, Ate Gilliane and Ms. Cheyser

with the awesome bloggers


January 7, 2012, it was a perfect day. For I was given the chance to meet many more bloggers. We were given the chance to get to know each other, to mingle with each other and to share our stories. The program happened around 3-6pm but I came late because I took the entrance exam for San Pedro College. The event inspired me a lot. It’s like “Wow, there are a lot like me who loves fashion. “ and that “I could be a better blogger someday just like them too”. It was really fun and worth remembering. I hope it will have a part two part 3 part 4 hahaha. I wish we could get together more often. Yes, i'm looking forward for more gathering. We are all looking forward to it. That’s all for now. Really had a great weekend! See you around! <3


Dress: Forever 21
Nude heels: Centropelle
Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Photos by: Marion Regalado

Wore this leopard dress during the Bloggers' Soiree at Soul, Abreeza.  Twas' really a great opportunity for me to meet awesome bloggers from davao :) Stand by and wait for the other pictures during the said event! :) Inspireeeeed <3