Sunday, October 28, 2012



Top: Soul
Pants: Mango 

All I ever thought that high waisted pants will never fit in me, but why won't i just give a try and see how it goes with a corset top. So i ended up with this outfit. I never planned to wear flats with this  for I was not given a blessed height, it would really look hell if i wore one, uhh I mean it will surely make me look smaller. haha! 

 For the past days, it rained really hard which caused floods in some places in Gensan but for this day it's really H-O-T. Seems like our skin will get burned. Lol. Kidding. Weather nowadays is really unpredictable. *Sigh*

Hope you're having a sweet Sunday! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Leggings: MissWish

The first thing that came in my mind when i saw this leggings was comics. It really looks like one, isn't it?  I'm not really a fan of reading comics though, for me it's just nice to look at cos' it's cool. I decided to pair it with a plain top and footwear so the leggings will be focused and so the red made it classy.

This day was really fun! I had the chance to be with my co-cheerdancers during my highschool days. It really feels good to be reunited with them. We visited our old school and the squad who were  practicing for the incoming MILO CHEERDANCE COMPETITION on November 4,2012. I'm so proud of them! They're really improving. How i wish i had a long time learning more routines in cheerdancing. I miss flying in the air, really! Lol.

Till my next blog! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Plains and Prints


Top: Romwe
Round skirt: Forever21
Wedge: Payless

So much happiness for today! Attended mass with my whole family :) it's one thing that i missed doing! After that we ate our lunch at Tong Yang and I just sat in my chair while all of them are cooking and preparing. Lol! Cooking's not for me, I'm no good at it honestly. I'm just good at eating. haha!

Did you notice the bag? I just saw it in my cabinet and it was stocked there for how many years already. It was bought years ago in Bacolod when I competed during a taekwondo competition. Been so long, I'm just a little kiddo that time. Lol. 

Anyway, I really don't know why I'm loving blue right now. It's usually yellow and violet that i love, just so you know :)

Have a  blessed Sunday!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Bodycon Dress: Forever21
Clutch: Debenhams

 Bodycon dresses are one of a trend right now. It makes every girl feel sexy and fab! Lol. Some girls are conscious in wearing something they want because they think they're too fat, they don't look good on it, but mind you, you just have to wear it with confidence and feel like you're a model! haha. 

Well anyway, this is what i wore during the debut of my special friend. That night made me really happy seeing her on stage and rocking her "rockista look" with a smile on her face. Also i had so much time bonding with my highschool friends and barkadas. Twas like a mini reunion? :))

Hoping for happier memories for the next 336hours!
Happy Sunday <3

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shade me blue


Corset: Soul
Necklace: Forever21
Skirt: Bazaar

First sem is finally over and we're having our sembreak already! I'm so excited to go home and bond with my family and friends :) Will see you pretty soon Gensan! 

I really had a great day and night with the people i love! Watched "sinister" with some of my classmates and awkward part was we're just the only people who's inside when we entered the cinema. It was like we own it. Feels like home uh! It was really fun though. 

So, this was what i wore during the last day of exam in our first semester. But of course, i wore a blazer inside the school. Lol! I just love how the shades of blue goes. 

Should enjoy my stress free days! 
Ciao <3 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School girl


Top & Leggings: Victoria's dept store
Bag: Accessorize
Necklace: Forever21
Doll shoes: CMG

Don't you just love wearing clothes with fashionable style and a cheaper price? Why don't you try to stroll around Victoria's department store? There are lots of fashion clothes out there and they are really affordable. 

Before our acquaintance party my classmates and i were strolling around the malls just to find what outfit to wear during the said party. While i was walking i found these top and leggings. I'm really comfortable wearing leggings and a loose top because it's so easy to walk around and i can move in any ways i want. 

Just 1 more week to go till our sembreak! :)