Thursday, July 26, 2012



Tassel top: Terranova
Shorts: Bayo
Tights: romwe
Doll shoes: CMG
Bag: Parfois
Necklace: Curl on top

Thank God it's Friday! Have a time to blog because my class ended up early :) So this is a very late post, actually. My hair isn't that long and brownish now. Been missing it badly! Need to change it to black because of school rules. Got no choice! 
Have a rocky Friday guys! <3 

Monday, July 23, 2012



Tube top: Terranova
Shorts: Bayo

Lazy outfit in here. Went on malling with my Mom, sister and aunt. Miss this! Been depressed lately because of our exams, so to get rid of that depression i need to go and hang out! Depression free and stress free. 
When we went to abreeza i was like kinda' BV because of the people who are pushing and pushing. Daniel Padilla made the people crazy. Too many fans and all of them are screaming like wild. Whoa.   
Will leave you with this for now. Still got so many things to do. Ciao! <3

Sunday, July 22, 2012


God loves you 

These are the presents i received during my birthday! The bouquet was sent to me by my friend at 12 midnight but it came from someone else. Anonymous, ayt? haha! I was really shocked and surprised! Got me speechless! 

My erfmates gave me the cake during our lunch while waiting for our last exam. Didn't know that they're gonna give me a cake. I was sitting not fronting the door then they suddenly sang a happy birthday song (shy*). 

The Godly gift was given to me by my brother's girlfriend. Her letter is really sweet and touching!

 The necklace came from me, a gift for myself. 

Lastly, Ipad3 was given to me by my sweet and loving parents :))) <3

Thank you so much for the gifts! <3 you are all sweet! Thanks also to my family, friends and for those who greeted me and made my day special! Much love from me <3 

What's my look during my birthday? see it here! <3



Cardigan: Girls teen wear
Pants: Mango
Wedge: Toms
Bag: Accessorize
Necklace: Love diva
Bracelet: ExtremeFinds 

Credits to: Francis Facelo & Maike Uy

This is what i wore during my birthday! It was on a Wednesday and scheduled as our wash day in school. What's the most awkward part of it, was our last day of prelim exams. Only got few hours of sleep and i really look so haggard on my birthday. hahaha! I definitely enjoyed it even though exams are d*mn hard. After our exams, some of my classmates and I went to mall to have fun and to 
refresh our minds from those stressful exams :p 

Want to know what i received during my birthday? Click here! :)