Sunday, July 22, 2012


God loves you 

These are the presents i received during my birthday! The bouquet was sent to me by my friend at 12 midnight but it came from someone else. Anonymous, ayt? haha! I was really shocked and surprised! Got me speechless! 

My erfmates gave me the cake during our lunch while waiting for our last exam. Didn't know that they're gonna give me a cake. I was sitting not fronting the door then they suddenly sang a happy birthday song (shy*). 

The Godly gift was given to me by my brother's girlfriend. Her letter is really sweet and touching!

 The necklace came from me, a gift for myself. 

Lastly, Ipad3 was given to me by my sweet and loving parents :))) <3

Thank you so much for the gifts! <3 you are all sweet! Thanks also to my family, friends and for those who greeted me and made my day special! Much love from me <3 

What's my look during my birthday? see it here! <3

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