Friday, November 8, 2013

To Singapore


Top: Oxygen
Pants: Clothesbardavao 
Sunnies: Aldo

Travelling! It's one of my most favorite thing to do. Adventure, new culture and lifestyle to discover. It's amazing! Got really excited when my parents told us that we'll be going to Singapore during our sembreak! It's been a while since we went outside the country for a vacation. Unfortunately, my older brother wasn't able to come with us because of his duty.
Our flight to Manila was at 5am so we woke up around 1am to prepare some stuff.  I wasn't sleepy at all. LOL! Maybe I got too excited. While waiting for our flight to Singapore at 3pm, we've decided to kill the time by hanging out at Mall of Asia and had lunch there.
So Singapore, here we come!!! Arrived there around 7:30pm. While we were on our way to where we are checked-in (Marina Mandarin Singapore Hotel) I noticed that there was no traffic at all and the cars were going fast but smoothly. The surroundings were very very clean! T'was like not a single dust around.
After we checked-in we strolled around and went to Singapore flyer which was near our hotel.
You've got to see the hotel, our room and the flyer below :)

Marina Mandarin Singapore Hotel
Our room

Singapore Flyer