Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spread the Love


Been in love with flowers ever since, i just don't know why i find it so attractive. So talking about spikes, it's a fashion trend. Have you noticed my heels? It has spikes at the back. You can see spikes anywhere especially on online shops, bazaars and even in malls. It really caught my eyes, I even asked my grandma and my bestfriend whom I'm with when i saw this if I'll go and get it. They also wanted it for me. Lol. Aren't they supportive? :)

 Anyways, hoping you're having an awesome Christmas guys! Spread the love :) 
Merry Christmas! <3

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  1. Love your outfit! you have a lovely heels :)
    hoping you can check out my blog, and maybe we can follow each other? :)