Monday, April 2, 2012

Cherish the Time

Meet my Dad :)


Top: People are People
Floral Leggings: Terranova
Doll shoes: Forever21
Sequenced Clutch: Accessorize

Atlast! Had a time to blog after how many busy days of spending my time with my friends after my graduation. Yeah, right! I'll be in college after 2months. Whoa! Time flies so fast. Isn't it? :) Having mixed emotions right now. Sad, excited & nervous. Sad because i need to leave my very close friends here in Gensan. Excited because many things will happen in the future days like the GrooveStylz9 on May in Davao City. Will meet my D12 family 2weeks from now to have our practice! Lastly, nervous to go to college. I hope I can make it!
For now, i just want to cherish the time with my family and friends :)
Have a great summer everyone!


  1. nice clutch and leggings!

    really talented :) great photos!

    nominated you for an award, btw.

    and i also have an ongoing giveaway! hope you could join if you havent yet :)

    1. gosh! :"> thanks ate! oh, i forgot. yes i will :)

  2. Hi Glaiza! You look really nice in that outfit!

    I've been following your blog for a while now. I've been trying to find kapwa fashion bloggers from Gensan but I don't think we're that many. :D

    Anyways, hope you could check out an ongoing giveaway ---


    1. Hi Mylz! :) thank you! oh, you're from gensan also? nice! bloggers from gensan are just starting :))) maybe soon dadami na tayo. haha! will check it out! thanks again!