Friday, February 24, 2012

PROM 2012

sequenced heels <3

My make up artist since i was in grade 3

Cocktail Dress and clutch from Chardin made by Joao Tarepe. Thanks Kuya Joao! He was also the one who made my prom dress last year :)

inspired by Blake Lively

My prom wouldn't be as fun as this without them! <3 (not complete)

It's sad to say that this would be my last prom. Even though prom last year was way different from this years' prom. But, without thinking abut the differences there are so many ways on how to make your prom memorable!
It was really memorable! Sweet dances then disco sweet dances then disco. Dance and rest for a while. Wearing a closed heels for like 8 hours. whoa! That was a torturing part in my feet. LOL!  Even my feet hurts i still continued dancing like there's no tomorrow! hahaha. 
I was also nominated as the prom queen. Didn't really expected it. LOL!

PS: hey! thanks for making my night memorable and fun! <3
Lots of LOVE friends <3 


  1. Hi Glaiza, you had very nice dress. Galing ng designer :)

    And I recognized your make up artist too. He's good. Naka-make up na rin xa sakin dati. What's his name again?

    1. Thank you so much! :"> oh, really? We call him "kuya Nonoy" :))

  2. Sosyal mo lang dear. :) lovely dress! :)I love the fact that you can detach the ruffled skirt so easily and turn the dress into a bodycon one. ;)

    1. hi Ate! :) thank you po! yeah, that's what i like also. i can still wear it in some occasions :))

  3. your prom dresses are really great! and im drooling over your sequined pumps dearie! lurve it! :D

  4. you look fantastic! i love that the skirt is detachable!:)