Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Polka dot

meet my cousin :)

Top: Solo
Skirt: Bench
Tights: Romwe

Still in Davao! :) went on malling with family and my ever dearest cousin! :) check her blog here! we walked and walked around until we're done going to the stores we like then we decided to eat at Starbucks because we're tired and hungry. LOL! When we're almost done i saw CHEYSER PEDREGOSA tweeting that she's going to Abreeza and i was like "OMG! I WISH I COULD SEE HER" after we ate it's time to go home in my cousin's crib. while we're walking, i saw a girl walking alone while talking to someone in her phone and i can see her back only and i'm pretty sure that it's Cheyser! i panicked and told my parents that i should have got a picture with her! :) then my cousin and my sister went with me and follow her. She went inside The Face Shop, if i'm not mistaken and we're just like waiting for her to come out but there are 3 girls who asked her if they can took a picture with her then i was like "Yes, i'll ask her too, after" :) so here it is :) thanks for allowing us to have a picture with you <3 

my inspiration

When dinner is done we went around davao to see colorful Christmas lights! :))) <3


  1. lovely look and photos:)

  2. thank you so much! <3 :)) will check yours!

  3. Hi Glaiza! I love your polkadot tights. saan mo binili? :)

  4. Hello po :) got it from Romwe. Just type po :) uhm, u're going on saturday po? :)

  5. Hi Glaiza, was there kanina sa bloggers' soiree. I noticed your mom was there, she was the one taking pictures. How nice that your mom is supportive of you! Hope you continue blogging and maybe next time, you'd be with us na! hihi :)

  6. hi Ate Farrah! yeah, it's me :) haha! she's really supportive, as always! :) oh, thank u so much!! will do :) i hope so! :) twas my dream anyway, to work w/ other bloggers. Lol! thanks so much for the oppurtunity ate :) hope to see u soon! <3