Friday, July 22, 2011


  Dress: Forever21
  Heels: Centropelle
  Necklace: South Shores 
       Since we had our early dismissal, i went home early. i got bored, really bored and i was thinking of something that will kill the boredom. :)) this thing popped in my mind! lately, i was really busy doing homeworks, projects and we had our mastery test so it seems like i miss dressing up myself :)) haha!
       When i opened my closet i saw this dress first and i didn't used it even once. haha! My dress was bought by my Aunty Riza a month ago, i think? :)) Thanks to her! :)) Then, the necklace was given by my sister last christmas. The bracelet was bought in that "indian store" haha. i forgot the name. But, it was my mom who bought it :)

       Glaiza <3

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